A Farmer Went out to Sow

Jesus teaches us through the story of a farmer planting seed. This is a seven page study that explores the various heart conditions that cause differing reactions to the Lord’s word. Part of the introduction is shown below. Please use the download link to receive the entire study. Please consider a gift to support our providing studies around the globe.


This land had been in Jacob’s family as long as anyone could remember.  He had been working it all his life.  Some of his earliest memories were of his father and grandfather teaching him the best ways to obtain a good harvest.  Today he walked along the hillside sowing the new crop.  At each measured step he grabbed a handful of seed and tossed it with the same motion his father taught him.  He found himself thinking how beautiful this land was.  He could even see the lake from here.  Yet, he was hurrying some today because he had promised his wife and daughters that he would take them to see Jesus who was in town.  He even felt certain that the crowd down near the lake must have gathered because Jesus was there.  It looked to him as though someone was standing in a boat.

Down at the lake Jesus was teaching the people.  While he taught the gathering crowd quickly grew.  Jesus ended up climbing into a boat to teach because the people were crowding in to be as close to him as possible.  His sea legs were quite good, and a couple of the disciples kept the boat steady.  The crowd was large, and there was no sound system.  Jesus wanted everyone to understand, and he spoke loud enough so that those at the back of the crowd could hear.  He taught the people by telling them parables.  Jesus could have been pointing up to Jacob on the hill side.  All but shouting he told them, “A farmer went out to sow…” (Mark 4:3 – 9).

This parable takes less than a minute to tell, even if you speak slowly so that everyone can hear.  In this brief story Jesus, the greatest teacher ever, packs a lifetime of learning into a parable about a farmer planting a crop.


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