Bible Studies

All of our Bible studies can be used individually or in a group setting.

Every study available from Yoke Ministries is a work in progress (even our introductory study), just as everyone of us is a work in progress.  We’ll post revision dates with our studies when applicable.

Experiencing the Entire Great Commission  Jesus’ command to teach everything he instructed is a daunting challenge, but it is possible or he would never have said it.  Let’s work together and create a framework to train every Christian on Jesus’ life-giving commands.

Lists  Each list provides introductory thoughts and primary New Testament passages associated with the word.  This type of Bible study provides us with a better understanding of some of the key words used in scripture.

Parables  Jesus often used stories to teach.  This page contains links to studies that explore Jesus’ teaching from his stories.

Specific Passages  These studies examine specific passages of scripture.

Topics  These studies examine specific topics from scripture.