Faith / Faithfulness: New Testament List

The world lives by faith, but hardly anyone ever calls it this. None of us would drive in our vehicles if we did not believe they would function correctly. Everyone who boards an airplane has faith that the pilot is adequately skilled in his job. We go to work trusting our employer will pay us. The individual in whom we place our faith is considered faithful when they are consistently worthy of the faith placed in them.

The real question about faith is where do you place yours? When Paul said we walk by faith and not by sight he did not mean any faith, but specifically faith in the person, word and ministry of Jesus.

The number of passages in this list is virtually overwhelming, and the sheer volume speaks to how pervasive faith is woven into every aspect of living as one of Jesus’ disciples.

Faith (pistis) This is the noun Paul uses in his fruit of the Spirit list. It can also be translated as assurance, faithfulness, trust, confidence, or persuasion.

Matthew 8:10

Matthew 9:2

Matthew 9:22

Matthew 9:29

Matthew 15:28

Matthew 17:20

Matthew 21:21

Matthew 23:23

Mark 2:5

Mark 4:40

Mark 5:34


Believe (pisteuo) This is the verb form of the word Paul uses in the list. It can also be translated as trust, have confidence in, or have faith in. The verb “pisteuo” is not vague as it always has an object.

Matthew 8:13

Matthew 9:28

Matthew 18:6

Matthew 21:22

Matthew 21:25

Matthew 21:32 – 3 times

Matthew 24:23

Matthew 24:26


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