Fruit: New Testament List

Our family picks peaches at a local orchard virtually every summer. The limbs of each tree are so laden with fruit that they strain under the weight. The scent of peaches fills the air, and bees and ants swarm around the base of each tree and feast on the fallen fruit. Since this is an orchard, there are hundreds of trees equally bursting with fruit. We learn in scripture that every one of Jesus’ disciples produces fruit like these peach trees, although we do not produce peaches. You could even say that together we are the Lord’s orchard.

Before we explore the lists for each portion of this fruit we should expose ourselves to the passages where the authors of scripture use the words for fruit. When we begin with a firm understanding of how we produce fruit we are more likely to produce the Lord’s crop rather than the world’s crop. The fruit of the Spirit is a promise we need to understand and embrace because it describes the results of the Lord’s work in our lives.

Fruit (karpos) This is the word Paul uses to introduce the fruit of the Spirit list. The word means any type of fruit. Depending on the context it is also translated as; harvest, produce, profit, child, seed, or crop.

Matthew 3:8

Matthew 3:10

Matthew 7:16

Matthew 7:17 – 2 times

Matthew 7:18 – 2 times

Matthew 7:19


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