Goodness: New Testament List

Everyone has at least a little good in them. Mafia hit men, for example, are good to their own children, even though they are notoriously evil in most of their relationships. Before we think such people have any real goodness I’d like us to reflect on Matthew 5:46 where Jesus said that even “tax collectors” love those who love them. Selfish and inconsistent goodness is actually not goodness at all.

Goodness is not when someone determines to be nice in certain situations or to specific people. True goodness permeates those in whom it is developed and is offered to everyone. Such individuals are no longer controlled by evil, but by good.

Goodness (agathosune) This is the noun Paul uses in his fruit of the Spirit list. In addition to goodness it is also translated as kindness, or intrinsically good.

Romans 15:14

Galatians 5:22

Ephesians 5:9

2 Thessalonians 1:11

Good (agathos) This is the root noun from which the word for goodness is formed. It is also translated well-born, gentle, brave, valiant, or beneficial to another.

Matthew 5:45

Matthew 7:11 – 2 times

Matthew 7:17

Matthew 7:18

Matthew 12:34

Matthew 12:35 – 2 times

Matthew 19:16


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