Love: New Testament List

Consider for a moment the deepest love you have for other individuals, which for me is my immediate family. Think about how deeply you love them. Even our deepest loves are a dim reflection of God’s love, even though they reflect his love. The depth of God’s love is his primary motivation to save us. Therefore, the first relationship that defines and clarifies love is the one we have with God through Jesus. It is only when we love the Lord that we are able to love others with his love. This is why Jesus told us that the two greatest commands are to love God and others (Mark 12:29-31).

If we want to understand this love we will immerse ourselves in those passages where it is described. We then pray, listen, rely on him and act so that this love flows through us into every one of our relationships. Once we have absorbed these passages we are able to see love expressed in stories in scripture where the word is not used. We then progress through life with our eyes open to the right way to express love in every situation. The promise in these passages is that we can experience God’s love in the fabric of our daily lives. This may seem impossible to you, but love is the ultimate expression of the Spirit’s work in our lives.

Love (agape) This is the word Paul uses to describe God’s pure love. Love is the constant intent and effort for another’s good, and to understand love we must learn what God means by good. This love begins in God himself, but he has poured his love into our hearts by his Spirit as one of these passages teaches.

Matthew 24:12

Luke 11:42

John 5:42

John 13:35

John 15:9

John 15:10 – 2 times

John 15:13

Love (verb) (agapao) This is the verb form of the word Paul used and means to love.

Matthew 5:43

Matthew 5:44

Matthew 5:46 – 2 times

Matthew 6:24

Matthew 19:19

Matthew 22:37

Matthew 22:39

Mark 10:21

Mark 12:30


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