Peace: New Testament List

Our world is desperate for peace but does not understand what it is or how to obtain it. Watch the news for the continuous stream of unrest. The difficulty is that most people, political leaders included, interpret peace as an end of conflict between people, groups, and cultures. The problem with this view of peace is that the hearts of the people involved are not changed, which means that any semblance of peace is at best a temporary sham. Peace is not simply the brief cessation of something unpleasant, or even the happy feeling a parent receives once the children are finally asleep in bed and they can sit down and “have some peace.”

Since we live in this same environment many Christians think about and work for peace based on the world’s interpretation. If we do this we are robbing ourselves, the church, the world, and the Lord himself.

Peace (eirene) This is the word “peace” that Paul uses in his fruit of the Spirit list.

Matthew 10:13 – 2 times

Matthew 10:34 – 2 times

Mark 5:34

Luke 1:79

Luke 2:14

Luke 2:29

Live in peace (eireneuo) This word is also translated as bring to peace, reconcile, keep peace, or live peaceably.

Mark 9:50

Romans 12:18

2 Corinthians 13:11


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