New Testament Prayer Passages

Scripture is an amazing God-given tool in the school of prayer. Scripture gives us all the guidance and information we need to pray appropriately and effectively. Immerse yourself in these descriptions of prayer, and prayers, before spending time in other books on prayer. Return to this list often to maintain a healthy focus on this most glorious discipline that will change your life.

The number of passages may appear daunting, but you’ll find the greatest examples of and teaching on prayer in them. The words you find in these passages are the ones the Lord himself inspired for our growth. The goal of this exercise is for our understanding of prayer to be changed by scripture so that our practice will be transformed.

I added a list of many, but not all, of the prayers from the New Testament at the end of the lists. These are not only great examples, but are also wonderful for us to adopt as our own prayers.

Prayer (proseuche) This word is also translated as a place of prayer.

Matthew 17:21

Matthew 21:13

Matthew 21:22

Mark 9:29

Mark 11:17

Luke 6:12

Luke 19:46

Pray (proseuchomai)

Matthew 5:44

Matthew 6:5 – 2 times

Matthew 6:6 – 2 times

Matthew 6:7

Matthew 6:9

Matthew 14:23


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