A New Door Opens

Doors unexpectedly close now and then. For example, my job was eliminated at the end of June. Yes, that means I am officially unemployed, although the outplacement agency says I should say I am in a transition period. The funny thing is that it was an unexpected... read more

Why did Solomon ask for Wisdom?

We marvel at the snippets of Solomon’s wisdom that are recorded in scripture for us. The book of Proverbs is only an example of his wisdom. At that time, there were no news channels or social media feeds that would permit someone to experience Solomon’s wisdom and... read more

Lord’s Prayer, Our Sin, and God’s Care

I love the flow of the prayer Jesus gave his disciples to use as the model prayer. This prayer ends with our request for forgiveness from our sins, protection from both temptation and evil. As I pray through the Lord’s prayer, I realized our sin and temptation... read more

Coworkers with Christ

The greatest need in the world is for individual Christians and churches together to pursue such depth of maturity in Christ that we display to the entire creation the glorious love and purposes of God. The most effective way for us to live as Jesus’ coworkers... read more