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Real life is a relationship with God through Jesus (John 17:3)


Real life involves loving God and others. (Mark 12:30-31)


Real life means obeying Jesus and teaching others how to live this way. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Pursuing Maturity in Christ

from the inside out

Yoke Ministries provides resources for your personal, group and church growth as we all live by faith in Jesus.

Our purpose is to help you, and those you influence, mature in Christ. While we provide guidance and resources on ways to grow in Christ, we do not recommend you follow one particular plan. Our growth begins with, depends on, and has as its goal our relationship with God through Jesus. Therefore, we recommend you begin your relationship with us by spending some time considering the teaching on the 3GC Life page. From here, study in those areas where you desire to grow and the Lord has highlighted for you.

Yoke Ministries is global in reach. In 2014 Yoke Ministries provided study materials to Christians in over 20 countries outside the United States. We have experienced steady growth over the last few years, and we have reached the point where we need to change our support model.

Yoke Ministries exists to:

  • Promote a vision and call for Christian maturity from Jesus’ teaching
  • Develop and provide training resources to support your personal and church growth to maturity in Jesus
  • Provide guidance and recommendations on Christian training programs

Since Yoke Ministries started in 2007, it has primarily been funded by a very few contributors since our needs have been small. The ministry has now grown to the point where our goal is for Scott to serve full time in the work, rather than part time. To this point we have not solicited support, but we’re now asking for you to intentionally parter with us if you use our materials. Some materials have been moved to our partner site 3GC Life, and are available for purchase at low cost.

Please support the ministry through prayer and financial gifts. If you live in the first world, then please give financially if you use our materials. Your gifts enable us to minister to those who cannot afford what you and I can.

If you are unable to afford a gift, or payment on our partner site, please let me know so that I may provide these resources to you for free as a gift from your brothers and sisters who can afford them.

Blessings in our glorious Lord, Scott

Partner with us

Use our resources, share them, participate in the conversation. If you do any of these, please support the ministry. We’ve included two ways on this page through which you could support Yoke Ministries financially; PayPal and Donorbox. both give you a secure means of giving. We value and need your prayers and financial gifts.


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